About Madeeha Syed

In the DAWN lobby downstairs with the newspaper mannequin reading one of earliest editions of the paper

In the DAWN lobby with the mannequin reading one of earliest editions of the paper

Madeeha has been a published journalist — with a special focus on culture — in Pakistan since 2005. She has a masters degree in International Relations and has a special interest in Genocide Prevention.
She joined the DAWN Media Group’s newspaper magazine section, Images on Sunday, in 2006 and has been with them ever since. Madeeha has since then and continues to actively report and write for all of DAWN’s landmark publications including The Herald, The Metropolitan, The Magazine, The Review, Sci-Tech, Spider, Gallery, Books & Authors etc. She also contributes articles and multimedia work to their website, DAWN.com

Selfie before a press conference in Lahore, 2013

Selfie before a press conference in Lahore, 2013.

She was a part of the Producer’s Team for the first season of Coke Studio — a ground-breaking television show that brought together the best in folk and contemporary music in Pakistan — from 2006 to 2008.
Madeeha was also included in iWrite‘s list of Top 30 Under 30 people in Pakisan in 2010.
In 2011, she was approached by Getty Images to host some of her photographic work on their platform. Although Madeeha went through the entire registration process, she’s been quite lazy about getting the necessary paperwork done in order to host Getty Images’ chosen photos of her work.
She travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in 2012. Her instructor was NYT photographer Andrea Bruce.
In 2013, she was selected as a part of the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program. The theme of the programme was ‘Bringing Social Change Through The Arts’.
She has also served as a juror for Pakistan’s largest entertainment and lifestyle awards, often dubbed as the ‘Oscars of Pakistan’, Lux Style Awards (LSA) from 2008 to the current season in 2014.
There are lots of film and book-related projects on her shelf. Someday, she will hopefully finish one of them.


  1. Hi Madeeha,

    Pleasure to see such a wonderful and useful website. Its one of its own kind full of fashion and news, i reckon.
    keep it up.


    1. Thank you very much! This website hosts all of my published work and will pretty soon have some unpublished/previously unreleased material as well.

      Thank you again! :)

  2. Wow!! that’s great madeeha baji that you have made your own website and its up and running……i don’t know that u remember me or not but i’m daughter of M.Anwar Khan……..Your mom’s cousin if u remember or not!

    1. Yes, thank you, they are doing quite well! :) They both had a Lion cut two months ago but have mostly grown their hair back. They’ve become quite frisky! I think it’s the heat! :)

  3. you r going well! i saw ur profile, i m amazed to see ur profile how do u manage ur time…. u r my ideal really….

  4. oh my god sooo proud of u!!!!

    we should get together once i ncome to pakistan and i can introduce you to some upcoming artists who can use the exposure!!

  5. salam madeeha how r u im fashion designer im from pakistan now plz contect me i want to start my own work with u im very honest i hopz u contact me asap my cell number is 00 92 342 2796481 now i alredy work my own fashion mag my new volume coming soon take care plz remember me in ur prayrs bye

  6. Wonderful Blog, Nice Articles i am new here… i think ye Professional Blog hai mujhe kahe pe Google Ads nazar nahe aarahai hai thats why i like… Keep it up, Good Luck Admin :) “Habibies”

  7. Wonderful Blog, Nice Articles i am new here… i think ye Professional Blog hai mujhe kahe pe Google Ads nazar nahe aarahai hai thats why i like… Keep it up, Good Luck Admin “Habibies”

  8. Hello MADEEHA,

    I own an event management company and we are arranging a family festival in ramadan. purpose of this event is to raise fund for an ngo with the name of humnasheen welface association, they work for handicap children. they own a nursery where these handicap children work and humnasheen give them salary.

    I would like to invite you to the event . We want u to promote our event if its possible for u.

    It will be a great pleasure for us if u give 5 mins to our company and we meet before event.

    we r youth of this country and want to support the less privilidge youth of our society…



  9. Hey Madeeha,

    Just stumbled upon your website and it looks just fab!
    Er,hope you remember me? Mailed you a while back.
    Anyways,thumbs up to the layout and content of this space! :)



  10. Hi Madeeha,

    Well honestly, I havent had a chance to go through the entire blog of yours but whatever bit I have gone through is definitely good stuff.

    Keep maintaining the same consistency and energy. God Bless.


    1. I know! I don’t normally write for the daily pages (Metro) since it operates on an extremely scary short deadline. I got a phone call the morning the piece was printed from a friend who asked

      Friend: “When did you decide to kill Galliano?”
      Me: “What?”
      Friend: “It’s in the paper! Read your review!”
      Me: *slaps forehead* “I was thinking McQueen!”
      Friend: “Thought so…”
      Me: *mortified*
      Friend: “So… who are you planning to kill next?”
      Me: *hangs up phone*

      Basically, I know. And I am so embarrassed by that! Galliano’s not dead in the version I put up on this website though.

    1. Hello, Unfortunately, I don’t have any published material on the Kalash tribes but I do have some indpedent research on them. There’s a historian/restorer-of-artifacts in Lahore who even has original tribal jewelery at his office from which some very interesting details about the people have emerged.

  11. Well honestly, I havent had a chance to go through the entire blog of yours but whatever bit I have gone through is definitely good stuff.

    Keep maintaining the same consistency and energy. God Bless.


    Omer Mughal

  12. Dear Madeeha Syed,
    Impressive personality and unique talent with tremendous qualities and contributions. You are an asset for humanity and our community. We hope to see you on the peak of success.
    From: Javed Zaheer, Professional Journalist,
    Toronto, Canada. Tel: (416)696-0981.

  13. I had you on my twitter list for a long time now (i guess!)… but never thought to actually visiting your blog. Clicked today: it’s wonderful. Good content.

    [P.S. It's not just a drop-by comment. I really mean it :)]

  14. The Random Thoughts, I left on alone on half away,
    My wings cut down, I felt dropped from apex so glamorous,
    I m in deep paroxysm, feelness emotions, on thin ice,
    I m discontinued by prevailing locale, I m wt I m perhaps,
    I don’t have spell to words, mourned in cold black wood,
    Oh God save me, I m sinfull to my pedantic commitments

  15. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
    Colin Powell

    i think ur dream come true become good journlist… wish u more success and happyness.. keep smile like dp.. <3

  16. Hey, I am simply impressed.
    Dont have have more words. :(.
    (I will increase my vocabulary and come again, will have lot of words than :D )

  17. Writing to you from India. Followed your work for a while now, not very closely but via Facebook, and you seem like a very nice person and that you enjoy your job very much, and I stopped to give you this very useful feedback :D

  18. wow !! Very impressive ! You are the cream of Pakistan . It always makes me feel wonderful when I see Pakistani girls going up the sky ! Love your work and This blog of your’s is awesome :)

  19. Salam, I am a student of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, for my dissertation i am researching on the history of Chowkandi Tombs and Makli Tombs and the motifs carved on them. i read your blog it was really informative. i will be real;y thankful to you if help me finding more information because i cant find books written on the tombs.

  20. Delighted to see your visual work, Since i am an amateur photographer myself i would like to learn camera and lens model used for capturing the Makli grave yard. Your help is solicited in this regards

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