Saba Shabbir’s solo album

- Photo by Rizwan-ul-Haq & Kohi Marri

Images on Sunday met the singer (she has contributed to the backing vocals of a local music fusion project, Coke Studio (CS), since its inception) during a recording session in which she’s working with several people from the industry. Somewhat quiet and armed with a smile, Saba is easily approachable and a welcoming individual. She is currently working on her first solo album.

Prior to CS, Saba was one of the individuals responsible for hosting a jazz performance a couple of years ago which featured the likes of Aamir Zaki, Gumby, Columbian saxophonist, Diego Miguel and Syrian cellist, Diaa Harb.

While pursuing a career in music was inevitable, she credits her interaction with the community in contributing to her learning more about the industry and how it works. “When you interact with people, you tend to give energy off each other,” she says. She seems unfazed by publicity, and when asked about her reaction to her new found ‘fans’, she laughs about the fact that she recently discovered a FaceBook group dedicated to her.

Her album is in its very initial stages, “I’m experimenting with different kinds of sounds. I’m not saying I want to do all genres either. I’m still training myself (in music) and discovering different things.” She says that she is “more of a rock kind of person. I especially love singing and being able to do music where you can use your voice powerfully.”

She mentions working on a single, Aakhri Baar Milo, with Shehryar Mirza, a musician/songwriter based out of Islamabad. He has previously worked with Zoe Viccaji (of Chicago and Mamma Mia fame) on her own music as well. “The song has taken a little more than six years to do,” she laughs.

Saba Shabbir is part of a growing list of female musicians/artistes in Pakistan. She has the potential to develop powerhouse vocals. “When I meet someone who has a lot of talent,” adds Gumby, “I believe in helping that person out. Saba’s a great person and has a great voice.”

Seemingly clear about how she wants to pursue her passion for music, in the near future Saba, as a leading vocalist, would be someone to watch out for.

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5 responses to “Saba Shabbir’s solo album”

  1. faisal says :

    very nice saba i like you i want to meet you

  2. abrar says :

    saba just wana say
    u r such beauty specially ur eyes.
    u looks like wild cat

  3. kabeer khan says :

    i love u sana shahbir i realy love u

  4. raj says :

    your voice is like chicken soup for my soul….

  5. Param says :

    Lol .. the comments! :P
    “your voice is like chicken soup for my soul” … LMAO!

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