Fashion week flying high — on ramp and in trade

Tia Noon (L), Maleeha Naipaul (model in center) & designer Kamiar Rokni walk the ramp - Faisal Farooqui

LAHORE, Feb 18: A fashion week is essentially a trade show where buyers can view collections, place orders and create opportunities for the designers showing at the event. The Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) recently announced that they have signed a 100-outfit deal with Indian retailer Carma for five designers. The council’s spokesperson, Hassan Shehryar Yasin aka HSY, also mentioned the PFDC has also signed a contract with Hang Ten through which now the PFDC will be given a small space in all of their 42outlets spread all over the country. The designers who stock at Hang Ten will have to present capsule collections under a reasonable price range of approximately from Rs2,000 to Rs7,000.
The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week opened on a high note on day two on Wednesday. Karachi-based designer Sadaf Malaterre opened the event displaying a collection dedicated to the memory of her close friend and artist, Asim Butt, who passed away earlier this year. Her collection was a fun, wistful flow of satin and silk predominantly in deep purple andturquoise. Her collection had two pieces, a jumpsuit and a short dress, that were sequined in a multi-colour in a diamond pattern and this signature was carried throughout her collection. She also showed elegantly draped saris and kaftans in her collection.

Lahore-based Yahsir Waheed showed a very strong collection titled after Baba Bulleh Shah’s kalaam, Kee Jana Mein Kon (Who knows what I am?)’, a statement on the current conditions of the country. With messages painted on some of the outfits, which included ‘je ne suis pas terrorist’ or I am not a terrorist, and ‘World peace now’, his collection was an amalgamation of black, grey, white and apple green. From simple back-shredded t-shirts to a doubledraped top to stripped handkerchief hem-lined shoulder throws to a black draped hoodie over a printed high-pleated shalwar –Yahsir Waheed’s collection can at best be described as global and contemporary chic.
The students of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design presented a stunning body that displayed their creativity in a collection that had everything from a Russian-inspired coat over a finely-detailed grey dress to a black creation with full layered skirt and large elaborate sleeves to match.
In comparison the students of the Asian Institute of Fashion Design showed a collection that at best looked like elaborate costumes that went a little too over-the-top both in their choice of fabric and colour.
Karachi-based Feeha Jamshed of the Teejays brand showed her second collection on the fashion week runway. The collection, a tribute to Lahore, was titled ‘Diamond City’ and perhaps had the most number of celebrities who walked the ramp for her that evening. These included actress Iffat Omar, photographer Shahzad Raza and designer Kamiar Rokni. Her collection circled pre dominantly around khaki, white, black, and a brown and green printed fabric. Some of the features that stood out in her collection were the military-inspired full-pocketed shirts over shalwars, full white ruched sleeves and full-pleated, large, voluminous dresses. Her collection was one of the stronger ones shown that evening.
Some of the lesser impressive collections came from Mehdi who showed an ensemble of beige clothing along with the use of chiffon and denim. Hoorain’s collection was a little over-the-top with the glaringly loud embroidery and sheer use of metallic silver and golden in her clothes. Muse as a new brand looked promising, had distinct westernized cuts in the clothes in their collection but chose to destroy their collection with the use of bright and out-ofplace embroidery.
Kamiar Rokni closed the event with his collection titled ‘East West North South’ which was a more formal, toned-down version of the designer’s previous work. Kamiar Rokni predominantly used cotton for his collection and got inspiration from ethnic prints, predominantly the rilli pattern, which he infused in his garments. With patterned and full sleeves, ankle-length voluminous shirts, more pronounced shoulders and on the other extreme more form-fitting, shorter length shirts carrying a subdued version of the rilli print, Kamiar’s collection was a burst of deep red, black and white with hints of gold. The collection was a testament to the designer’s distinctive yet innovative style of design. With four strong collections out of the eight shown, day two of the fashion week was a definite success.
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